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Billingual secretary


A bilingual secretary is required to support Troge Medical with routine international correspondence, in translating business letters for various managers, and for answering telephone calls in their respective language.

You will represent manager(s) in their absence, arrange business trips, conferences and meetings – and will be responsible for office organisation and management.

Our bilingual secretaries are central to our daily work activities. This is where all information is collated and passed on to the relevant department. In addition to hands-on training at Troge, additional learning content is taught at the college, which apprentices regularly attend during their two-year apprenticeship.


Export merchant


Our specialists in foreign trade handle exchanges between separate markets.

They study national and international procurement and sales markets, identify product sources, and provide quotes. Sales and purchasing meetings are therefore an important part of daily working life.

During an apprenticeship at Troge Medical, our trainees learn about the application of international trade regulations and customs regulations. Another important part of the job is costing our products in foreign currencies and handling documentary collections to safeguard payment risks.

Forwarding merchant


Throughout the course of an apprenticeship as a merchant for forwarding and logistics, our trainees work alongside our specialists to transport our high-quality medicinal products.

You will be in contact with specialist medical transport companies and organise a smooth flow of goods between handling stations. Forwarding and logistics merchants issue freight and customs documents, monitor transportation and the participating companies. Depending on previous education, training lasts from two to two and a half years, finishing with an exam at the Chamber of Commerce.

Forwarding merchants at Troge Medical ensure that the high quality of our products is not compromised during transportation. They are an important part of our supply chain. They also organise storage procedures in our central Hamburg warehouse.