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For nearly 40 years, we have successfully expanded our product range to become a trusted global healthcare solutions provider operating in over 110 countries world-wide. Our philosophy of exclusively supplying authorized wholesalers and carefully selected regional distribution partners with affordable, high-quality products gives us a unique market position. Everything we produce is based on our commitment to the best quality at affordable prices. We manufacture according to the strictest quality standards, while continuously improving our products further to suit the needs of today’s health care professionals.


Uncompromising quality is our promise

In healthcare, the importance of safety is paramount. Absolute trust and reliability are crucial. To ensure the highest quality, all our medical devices are subject to the strictest quality controls through every stage of production, from raw materials to the final inspected product. Only those meeting our Quality Assurance Department’s impeccable standards will be shipped bearing our iconic eagle’s head logo. External quality tests by independent, state-approved laboratories further ensure product integrity. All our medical devices bear the CE mark and we are certified according to internationally recognized standards DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 13485.


Thoroughly tested

A drug’s effectiveness can go from high to low with just a slight alteration of its composition. All our generic pharmaceutical products are subjected to extensive testing in accordance with internationally approved standards to achieve the same quality as their counterparts. All production steps are continually monitored to ensure our pharmaceutical product’s complete safety.


Logistics Refined

With our central warehouse in the port of Hamburg, Germany, we are able to supply to more than 110 countries per land, sea, and air. Our extensive carrier network specializes in the transportation of medical goods, while our expert logistics department ensures seamless delivery to our global distributors, who then distribute it to their local customers.


Global Responsibility

Caring for global health also means caring for the globe. We have taken significant steps to lower our emissions and environmental impact through comprehensive sustainability measures, from resource conservation and recycling – to carbon offsetting and fossil fuel reduction. We are also active in numerous environmental projects like PLANT-MY-TREE which is reforesting sections of Germany as protected natural biospheres.

Sustainability and human rights are inseparable from one another which is why we officially support the UN Global Compact with its 10 principles in terms of Human Rights, Labour, Environment and Anti-Corruption. For further information regarding the UN Global Compact project and its 10 principles:

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We deliver a comprehensive portfolio of certified Medical Devices and Pharmaceuticals to trusted distributors for local redistribution.
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