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Is TROGE MEDICAL GMBH a manufacturer?
TROGE MEDICAL GMBH is a manufacturer and pharmaceutical company in accordance with European Union (EU) legislation.
Where does TROGE manufacture its products?
We have manufacturing sites in Germany, other EU countries and Asia.
Where does TROGE MEDICAL GMBH present its goods and services?
We attend trade fairs around the world, including MEDICA in Düsseldorf, ARAB HEALTH in Dubai, and FIME in Miami.
More information can be found in the NEWS section of our website.
Can we order goods from you directly?
Yes, we look forward to receiving your order. However, please note our minimum purchase quantity. If you require smaller quantities we will be happy to arrange an individual delivery. We would be delighted to assist you.
Products can also be ordered through our selected distribution partners in their respective countries. Contact us to find out more.
Could we be your distribution partner?
We would look forward to working with you. However, if we already have a representative in your country, we kindly ask you to contact them directly (see following question: “Are you represented by selected distribution partners?”)
If we do not already have a selected distributor in the respective country then a partnership with us may be possible under the following requirements:
We strictly adhere to the respective guidelines and laws of each country. They are our highest priority. It is very important, to let us maintain our high standards of quality, that you have extensive experience in trading medical goods and products in the respective country. National approval from our business partners is also required in order to ensure a successful partnership.
Are you represented by selected distribution partners?
We sell our products in more than 100 countries worldwide. We work with approved wholesalers and selected distribution partners in over 70 countries.

What quality standards does TROGE have?
Our products are recognised by internationally approved standards such as EP, BP, USP as well as DIN, EN and ISO.
Since 1995 we have been using a detailed quality assurance system certified to EN ISO 9001 and EN ISO 13485 standards.
Our company is supported by its own quality assurance department as well as independent laboratories. We continue to further develop our quality standards. We always remain up-to-date with the latest technological advancements.
Please contact us if you have any further questions.

Training and further education


Standards and guidelines in the healthcare sector are constantly changing. This affects our company and its employees, and we have to react quickly to new and updated requirements. Our employees regularly participate in training events. This largely involves participating in training programs from designated bodies such as TÜV or the DIN institute, whose high-quality, practice-oriented content is widely recognised.
Our sales specialists also regularly receive in-house training from doctors, paramedics and intensive care nurses. They are also familiar with the requirements of medical practice.

Specialist information


Upon request, pharmaceutical companies must provide specific information and relevant SPCs (summary of product characteristics) for professionals with regard to their registered medicines. Producing the appropriate evidence serves as providing this information.

Almost all of our products are accompanied by detailed patient information leaflets. Here we provide all necessary information written in a way that patients can easily understand. Our pharmaceutical specialists and in-house pharmacists regularly check for updates and ensure that all necessary information is up-to-date and correct.

Clinical studies


Even the smallest change in a drug’s composition can alter its effectiveness. As generic drug manufacturers, it goes without saying that we test our products in bioequivalence studies for the achieved plasma concentration compared to the original product – to fully comply with all relevant guidelines. We constantly monitor and ensure the biological compatibility of all medicinal products.