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- a trusted name in Germany and abroad

After almost 30 years of international success, we started to offer our medical range in 2007 within Germany. The deciding factors were current developments and considerations regarding pricing structures. They showed that our philosophy of developing affordable, high-quality products would also be successful here. The latest results have shown that our predictions were right.

TROGE products are being used in more and more hospitals and GP practices. Our safety products, designed and manufactured in accordance with EU Directive 2010/32, were particularly well received. In addition to our international presence, we will continue to research relevant products for the German market offering these according to market requirements.

What is important to us

- Vision

As a company we regard serving people and their health paramount – accordingly we value friendly and accomodating relations with all our employees and everyone associated with us in any way. The continuous improvement of our products to suit medical needs is what we value above quick profits e.g cost-effective production or increased user-friendliness.

Distributors and suppliers are key allies to our success. In this respect we use our economic powers not as leverage but instead as an opportunity to improve production processes and maximise economic success for all parties involved.

Our goal is to be globally recognised as a solution and partnership oriented healthcare company. Our products, bearing the eagle’s head, are a symbol of our successful global brand, which focuses on people and their health above anything else.


- We all share the same world

We live in a world where 1.3 billion people do not have access to effective healthcare. Although our means to resolve these issues are limited, we consider being active in this area a core duty of our work. In addition to a lack of health policy structures, another main problem is that products are too expensive, and distribution channels too limited. Initatives by Governments and private organisations will not change anything in the near future.

Our company therefore focuses on optimising existing and recognised pharmaceutical ingredients in the future. We develop medical products that cost significantly less than their competitors. Rather than refine existing medical products; we look for solutions to improve basic healthcare in countries with a poor healthcare structure.

Environmental protection

- up to date, and always a main focus

We also want to position ourselves as an active and solution-oriented company in the area of environmental protection. Our goal is to use energy, water and raw materials as efficiently and considerately as possible. We only work with suppliers who meet our guidelines for environmental protection. This applies above all to an environmentally friendly approach to waste water, storage, chemical use and waste disposal. Qualified auditors regularly assess these standards.

In our PVC products we avoid the use of harmful plasticisers. We do not use any toxic substances in our coated tablets, capsules and other medicines since their potential side effects are still largely unknown. Our packaging is completely made from recycled materials, and we support our partners in implementing collection and recycling initiatives.

We consider the environment when it comes to transport and logistics – we only deliver in large quantities. This allows us to load containers to their full capacity, reducing transport emissions. We only use electric vehicles in our warehouse and are careful to ensure that there is no contamination on the ground.

For a company working in healthcare, a clean environment is of utmost importance.

Taking Responsibility

- United Nations Global Compact

In Order to further exercise our corporate responsibilities we decided to take the initiative and officially support the UN Global Compact with its 10 principles in terms of Human Rights, Labour, Environment and Anti-Corruption.

For further information regarding the UN Global Compact project and its 10 principles, please feel free to click on the following link:


- Our success is based on quality

All TROGE Medical products are subject to the strictest standards of quality control. We monitor every stage of production, from the purchase of raw materials to production and inspection of the final product. Our quality assurance department only awards products of the highest standard with the internationally recognised and copyright-protected eagle’s head emblem. Our employees are supported in their work by independent, state-approved laboratories. Tests are conducted in accordance with internationally approved standards such as EP, BP, USP as well as DIN, EN and ISO. We also test all medical products to ensure that they are user-friendly. All medical products bear the CE symbol. This EU symbol is also recognised outside of the EU as a sign of high quality – and makes the regional approval process easier.

Throughout the entire company, we focus on absolute quality in our business conduct. TROGE Medical is certified according to internationally recognised standards EN ISO 9001 and EN ISO 13485.

Our insistence on high-quality production is a matter of course for a company operating in a sensitive area, since people all over the world trust us, and this trust is our most important asset.

We think globally

- even in production

In addition to Germany, we also manufacture high-quality TROGE-branded products in other EU countries and in Asia. Production approval is required in order to work with us. This is granted by our specially trained employees, and is based on a thorough inspection of all production processes – future partners’ willingness to improve these processes to meet our quality standards (if required).

Ongoing inspection of all licensed partners takes place during production. This is the only way we can guarantee the high standards of quality that our customers expect from TROGE Medical’s products. This involves collaboration based on partnership, since we consider licensing not to be just a one-way street, but the beginning of a partnership that benefits everyone involved.

The right product in the right place

- our distribution

We currently supply to more than 100 countries. The port of Hamburg is our main hub. This is where our central warehouse is located, from which we are able to supply customers all over the world by land, sea or air. We work exclusively with couriers that specialise in the transportation of medical goods.

Our logistics department carries out a final check for every delivery and ensures processes between us and our approved wholesalers around the globe. These wholesalers distribute to hospitals, pharmacies and numerous aid organisations in their respective countries. As our international partners, they are our representative in their countries, and ensure that there is always a sufficient quantity of the necessary products. Despite our extensive logistics expertise, we can only make individual deliveries in exceptional cases. We will be happy to provide contact information for your respective wholesaler upon request. We would be delighted to discuss your individual delivery requirements with you.