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Sterile gauze swabs

These gauze swabs are made of Troge Absorbent Gauze BP. They are high absorbent and very kind to the skin. Due to the special folding technique the cutting edges are lying completely inside. This enables the user to unfold the swab to different sizes. Thus it is prevented that the fibre of the gauze adheres to the wound. TRO-STERISORB sterile swabs are extremely soft and extraordinarily permeable to air and steam.


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DIN EN 14079

Gauze swabs are used for direct wound dressing, for covering and padding all kinds of wounds as well as for dabbing and cleaning. For single use.

Absorbent Gauze DIN EN (= BP / PH.EUR.)
100 % Cotton. 8- , 12- or 16-ply, 17 threads / cm2.
Other types and sizes are available on request.

5,0 cm x 5,0 cm
7,5 cm x 7,5 cm
10,0 cm x 10,0 cm
10,0 cm x 20,0 cm

5 years

EO (Ethylene oxide)

Individually sterile sealed in a peel packing. 10 pieces in one cardboard box. Also available as 2 or 5 pieces sealed in a peel packing as well as in other sales units.